Since 1983 !

  • We have been designing, engineering, manufacturing, installing and servicing solutions including: 

    • Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Hot Water Tanks

    • Water Softening, Conditioning, Treatment & Purification Systems

    • Storage Tanks for Water, Liquids, Oil, Fuel-Oil, Gas, Grains

  • We have completed turnkey systems and plants for central heating, generation of hot water-steam-steam and water treatment plants.

  • We have exported many units and completed projects worldwide.

  • We have supported the lives, families, businesses and communities and meet their requirements of our customers by our industry-leading products, services and turnkey projects.

Since 2019 !

  • We have been developing innovative solutions for:

    • Atmospheric Water Generating Units & Systems

    • Solar Heating & Cooling Systems 


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